The following article is a brief description of what watches and warnings mean on the main page of this wiki. The alert system functions very much like the Emergency Alert System (EAS), you see on TV. 


A watch is when there is just a small incident.  Nothing major is happening, but something very bad could happen.


An advisory is when there is semi-major incident that may possibly require Admin Action.


A warning is when there is a major incident that requires Admin Action. There are various colour coded warnings.

Color Coded System

Here is a breakdown of the color code system for these watches and warnings.

LIGHT GREEN = No problem on the wiki.  This is defaulted when there is a time of no activity.

GREEN = Slight problem on the wiki.  Correspondence:  Watch.

YELLOW = There is a significant risk of an attack on this wiki.   Correspondence:  Advisory.

ORANGE = Greater risk of an attack on this wiki.  Correspondence:  Level 1 Warning.

RED = This wiki is being attacked by one user.  Correspondence:  Level 2 Warning.

PURPLE = This wiki is being attacked by many users.  Correspondence:  Level 3 or Level 4 Warning.

BLACK = Major troll emergency. Only issued in EXTREME circumstances, and when the situation warrants.  Correspondence:  Level 5 Warning.