I think i just came up with my best series idea yet.

What is it?

Microsoft Sam: Nevermore.


It's been 5 years since K:TNG Happened. All the parents are revived. But then, Demana's Vengange arrives. It is a tragic curse that can only be broken by one thing: A lover's death. Not just any lover. Her lover. Mary's lover, Sam. Sam must travel to the mysterious St. Lilac deep in Yunova and make one final choice: Find the Ultimate God, or sacrifice himself to Demana to save Mary.

Possible Taglines

"Sam would do anything for Mary... Right?"

"The Ultimate God can save us all... It's all a matter of finding him. It isn't Chron."

"Sam takes what may be his final journey. Can he make it?"

How I came up with this

(true story btw)

It was last night. Middle of the night, like 2 AM or something my time. Watching TV, this started popping up in my head.

Characters that would make an appearance

Familiar Characters

  • Sam
  • Mike
  • Mary
  • Scotty
  • Sasha
  • Oak
  • Demana

New Characters

  • Spiral Ivy Jones, a strange girl with a teal-striped green thumb
  • Ultimana, the Ultimate God
  • Hena Locust, top scientist in St. Lilac
  • Devin Green, an experiment (Experiment 666) ready to fight for his life
  • Xenos, Yvonna, and Zena: Triplets with a unquenchable thirst for heroes' blood
  • Myst Ery, a lonely child capable of more than she knows
  • Raze Aria, the only new ally Sam's gonna get for a while (besides Spiral Ivy)

Tell me what y'all think!

Ani Out!

Edit: Okay, Now I'm gonna add like little progress thingies and some trivia c:


Script is started. I do not know the EXACT time/episode parts/where this is going/etc. just yet, but I can assure you that it IS going somewhere. Thing is, I wanna make this like animated (i.e, when someone walks/runs, they move.) I guess that's a bit much to hope for, but hey, who says I can't try?


  • Myst Ery is actually a Demishadow (half shadow, half human)
  • Spiral Ivy's cousin is Jasmine Starphyre (if you have been in any recent rp with EAS and I before I was grounded, you know Jasmine.)
  • Hena Locust is one of the two scientists responsible for Project Julia.

I still can't decide wether Sam dies or not. But I DO know that they try to find Ultimana.

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