The Picorinox is a Lolforce gang composed of Lolforce Masters.

The People of the PicorinoxEdit

The Picorinox members are typicially dressed in a black cloak, with a red shirt and black-and-white camo pants. Some elite members, like the leader, do not wear this cloak.

Current Members and Thier RanksEdit

  • Janice Kandor- Leader of the Picorinox
  • Rave Jacobs- Second-In-Command, chef
  • Kornai Lovno- Spy
  • Jackal Kandor- Medic
  • Annalise Monarch- Battle Advisor
  • Corey Almond- Mythic ( Cora master)

Former Members (and Reasons why they left)Edit

  • Kandice Lovno (Had a change of heart and left)
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