The Eon War is a war series by SUP3RNOVATJJ, and possibly Anichik, if Nova's collab idea works out, that involves the nations of the Eon Empire and the Geth Union. This is a "follow-up" to the Thailol War, which was never finished, (on my part as well.)

Protaganists(Feel Free to add your name)Edit

  • Nova (Adult Male 2)
  • Andrew Volt (Adult Male 3)
  • Sasha Ketchum (Adult Female 1)
  • Frost Krozak (Sam, Lowest Pitch Possible)
  • Phillip Redstone (Adult Male 1)


  • Geth Union

Episode 1: Explosive CollisionEdit

The prologue airs, then the story transfers to Soinghai, where Nova, Andrew, and Sasha are sitting in the "decision room", trying to figure out what to do about the conflict in northern Coast Province, (Northern Chinom), where Geth Forces are trying to take over Eon. As Nova and Sasha discuss ideas to prevent the takeover of Eon, Andrew informs them that a series of 5 explosions on the battlefield had occurred. Then the story transitions to Lolscow in the Geth Union, where 2 Geth militants are conversing. Then a nuclear explosion takes place in Red Square

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