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This is a transcript of nkrs200's video Microsoft Sam Short: Taco Night 2, released on October 17, 2014.


  • (intro plays, then title card appears: Microsoft Sam Short Taco Night 2: TACO NIGHT THURSAY)
  • nkrs200: Now, Sam, you have to stay in this room while everybody eats their tacos tonight. Do you understand?
  • Sam: Yes, I understand.
  • (nkrs200 leaves)
  • Sam: Well, at least I still have the last taco from the previous taco night.
  • (Scotty comes in with a taco)
  • Scotty: Man, these tacos really suck. I'd rather have a baloney sandwich instead of tacos tonight. Oh, hey Sam, do you want the tacos that I have not eaten yet?
  • (Scotty gives taco to Sam)
  • Sam: Sure. I will be glad to take them off of your hands.
  • Scotty: Thanks, Sam. Now I can finally go back to doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.
  • Sam: Well, I hope Scotty does not have any germs. Here goes nothing. (eats taco) MORE! GOOD! GIVE ME ALL OF THOSE TACOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!
  • (Sam goes on an all-you-can-eat taco spree)
  • nkrs200: What the heck? Not this again! SAM! YOU ARE EATING ALL THE TACOS AGAIN, SERIOUSLY?!
  • Sam: You better shut your whore mouth, while Microsoft Sam is eating his tacos.
  • Mike: Sam, will you stop this whole shit already? You are making Scotty laugh his ass off.
  • (record scratch)
  • nkrs200: SCOTTY!!!
  • (nkrs200 is rage quitting)
  • (outro plays)