Nkrs200 Wiki

This is a transcript of nkrs200's video Microsoft Sam Short: Taco Night, released on June 12, 2013.


  • (intro plays, then title card appears)
  • (3 beeps)
  • nkrs200: (over PA) Hey everybody! It's Taco Tuesday! Come down to the dining hall for your tacos! Thank you.
  • (Sam wakes up)
  • (two minutes later...)
  • (we are currently experiencing some major technical difficulties!)
  • nkrs200: Sam, you are only allowed two... No, Sam, you're only allowed to have... two... No, stop! Sam, you (bleep) (bleep)!
  • Mike: Woah, boss, calm down. What is-- (higher pitched voice) What the hell, Sam? Give me a taco right now!
  • Sam: Shut up you crazy lady and let me eat all of these damn tacos already!
  • Mike: (even higher pitched voice) I am not a lady you asshole!
  • Sam: Shut up, Mary.
  • Mary: Now you bring me into this? What is wrong with you, Sam?
  • Scotty: Wait, do these tacos contain any baloney sandwiches?
  • (record scratch; cut to Sam, Mary, Mike, Scotty, and nkrs200)
  • Sam: Hell. No.
  • Scotty: They don't?
  • (everybody is rage quitting)