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Stacker Unleashed is a planned series in the works 

Confirmed Characters (ADD IF YOU WANT TO)[]

Italics Means the character will die.

BOLD Means a Minor Character

(^) means a choice can be made depending on life or death.


(I) Means Appears in Act one

(II And III) means appears in acts two and Three

  • Frost Shadow Krozak (I) (II And III)
  • Fire Krozak (II And III)
  • KroFrost (II And III)
  • CaptainBusiness67 (II And III)
  • Ani (*) (II And III)
  • Dex (II And III)
  • EASlol (I)


  • Aversmith Stacker (^) (I)
  • Cyran Falok (II And III)
  • Saliaov Lovistok (II And III)

What is confirmed so far (WARNING: SPOILER SECTION)[]

  • ShadowFrost Studios has confirmed there will be three acts to this series.
  • Acts two and Three will be a sequel to Nevermore and a prequel to hour of the hellstorm.
  • Act I will focus on The Son of Stacker's Attempt to avenge his father by going all out on EAS,