Need For Speed: Speakonia will be an upcoming video series on SUP3RNOVATJJ's Channel, based on Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.


NFS: Speakonia involves the SCPD and the Street Racers, who are wreaking havoc all over Soicrest County. Both the SCPD and the racers have superior technology, like nitrous, spike strips, EMPs, and helicopters. The racers are trying to get the title of "Most Wanted", while the SCPD are trying to stop them, with successes and failures.


NFS: Speakonia will take place in Soicrest (Seacrest) County, which is home to the world's fastest police force, SCPD, who mainly deal with street racing.

Racer Characters (add name, voice, and car.)Edit

  • Sam (Chevy Camaro SS)
  • Mike (Audi TT-RS)
  • Mary (Porsche Boxster Spyder)
  • Nova (Adult Male #2, Maserati Gran Cabrio)
  • Sir Business Captain The First (Adult Male #3, Middle Deep Voice, Ford Mustang)
  • Azeris Merka (Fleur Delacour,Konieggsegg Agera R)

SCPD Characters (add name, voice, and car.)Edit

  • Scotty (Adult Male #1, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, SCPD)
  • Anna (Lamborghini Aventador J,SCPD)
  • Bob (Army ROFLcopter)
  • Joe (Mitsubishi Evolution XI,SCPD)

Production StatusEdit

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