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Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins is a series created by nkrs200 to bring in a new era of comedy. This


Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins Series Premiere

This is the first Funny News Bulletins Video made by nkrs200.

video on left was THE FIRST Microsoft Sam reads Funny News Bulletins video published by nkrs200.

The Origin[]

This series originated on nkrs200's videos. The idea of viewers wanting more was the main reason why nkrs200 created this series. When nkrs200 released the video in 2012, he was unsure that it would be successful. Slightly after he released the video, nkrs200's viewers thought that it was a good idea to start something new. Shortly after that, he released Season 1 Episode 2 on Halloween of 2012.

Season 2[]

Season 2 debuted on Thanksgiving Day 2013.  It was a great comeback for the series.  Season 2 Episode 2 premiered on Christmas Day 2013.  It brought a new request form to nkrs200's website four Funny News Bulletin Requests.

New Additions to Funny News Bulletins[]

In Season 1 Episode 4 of the Funny News Bulletins series on nkrs200, the layout was changed in the video so that when the video was about to go into commercial, the viewers would know because of background music being played. In response to this, the people who watched that episode started to like the video series even more.

Format for Funny News Bulletins[]

The format for Funny News Bulletins is just use a bunch of shape to make a desk for the news anchors (typically Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike).

Release Types[]

  • nkrs200 - Monthly

The Current Funny News Bulletins Makers[]

The current TTS video makers who make this series are:

  • nkrs200

Current Collaborators of this series[]

  • ShadowFrost88 for Season 2 Episode 3
  • Ripleydee for Season 2 Episode 4
  • AT88TV for Season 2 Episode 5