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Hour of the HellStorm (Or in the frost chronicles, Frost: Hour of the hellstorm) is a novel taking place after Rouge ranger, And Chronologically a month after nevermore

Frost has not chosen whether to kill the character of his off or let him live, nor the parts that are canon.

Characters (SECTION OPEN TO ADD)[]

Protags []

  • Frost Shadow Giygas Krozak (^)
  • Spiral Ivy Jones
  • Nova Flamo Sage
  • Sir Business Captain The First 


  • Lucifier Vonsaifer Krozak
  • Oak

^ = Choice can be made depending on life or death

Italics = character that will be killed regardless of the choice made

Bold = Minor or Flashback character.


  • This is the First Novel where a choice can be made determining a character's survival
  • ShadowFrost Studios has left it up to the reader to choose whether frost survives or not