Hour of the HellStorm (Or in the frost chronicles, Frost: Hour of the hellstorm) is a novel taking place after Rouge ranger, And Chronologically a month after nevermore

Frost has not chosen whether to kill the character of his off or let him live, nor the parts that are canon.

Characters (SECTION OPEN TO ADD)Edit

Protags Edit

  • Frost Shadow Giygas Krozak (^)
  • Spiral Ivy Jones
  • Nova Flamo Sage
  • Sir Business Captain The First 


  • Lucifier Vonsaifer Krozak
  • Oak

^ = Choice can be made depending on life or death

Italics = character that will be killed regardless of the choice made

Bold = Minor or Flashback character.


  • This is the First Novel where a choice can be made determining a character's survival
  • ShadowFrost Studios has left it up to the reader to choose whether frost survives or not
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