Nkrs200 Wiki

Guyisbackable is the admin of Nkrs200 Wiki and the first one of YouTubers to join late before TTS makers. He is currently the awesome YouTuber and is the rank #1 on the leaderboard of his wiki, The Newest Guy's Wiki.

Founded on January 24, 2012 and then back on October 26, 2012, Guyisbackable's mission is only the nice quality videos and no swearing words. First time Guyisbackable was closed on August 27, 2012. Until the closure and original foundation the channel is called guy9374. On October 26, Guy's mom said that Guy should return and - all fans said that Guy is back. They love him.

History of video making[]

The beginning: until April 6, 2013[]

Until the first episode of Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors of 2013, Guyisbackable only made animations - via only one service, GoAnimate. GoAnimate is the animation service that allows users to make animations on 10 minutes without drawing. Instead of TTS videos only, Guyisbackable uploads AGKR episodes and Downfall parodies that likes nkrs200.

April 6, 2013 - present: Specials that are TTS-released[]

On April 6, 2013, Guyisbackable got 10,000 views and back somewhere in April 12,000 views, and specials both for 10,000 views and 12,000 views were uploaded on the channel. Guyisbackable also got 11,000 views, but he had not enough time for the special of enough views he got.