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CaptainBusiness67 represented as a Pokemon Trainer. Here he is seen expressing his WTF/Angry Face.

CaptainBusiness67 is a YouTuber who creates TTS videos on YouTube. Unknown to most, CaptainBusiness67 originally joined YouTube as Firealarmking52.


  • September 2009 - CaptainBusiness67 joins YouTube as Firealarmking52
  • July 2011 - CaptainBusiness67 requests an error to Thunderbirds101 as Firealarmking52. The error winds up not being used.
  • Late July and Rest of 2011 - CaptainBusiness67 freaks out and goes on a flaming butthurt spree, and is promply kicked out of the TTS Community.
  • Mid/Late 2011 - CaptainBusiness67 returns to YouTube as "TTSMaster23", apologizes for his misgressions and is forgiven.
  • Late 2011 - CaptainBusiness67 loses his mind in the chat of the TTS wiki, closes the TTSMaster23 channel and is kicked out of the TTS Community once again.
  • Early/Mid 2012 - CaptainBusiness67 adopts the name Videoman2321 and engages in a fight with the TTS community to get back in and closes down Videoman2321 channel.
  • Mid 2012 - CaptainBusiness67 returns to YouTube as Comedydan21, and gets one final chance in the TTS Community.
  • Mid/Late 2012 - CaptainBusiness67 blows his final chance in the TTS Community by revealing the real names of easalert88 and pieboy6000.
  • December 2012 - CaptainBusiness67 opens the channel he now owns today.


  • "Who'd win in a fight, Jerry Springer or Maury Povich?" - CaptainBusiness67 asking this as a random question.
  • "Craziness knows no bounds with me." - CaptainBusiness67 describing himself in a nutshell.
  • "Buddy, you need to re-examine your existence." - CaptainBusiness67 replying to anyone who thinks they're better than him (excluding members of the TTS Community).
  • "Open ass, insert foot." - One or more of CaptainBusiness67's random sayings, or a response to someone acting stupid.

CaptainBusiness67's normal expression.