Bacon is an character who steals errors with the word bacon in them. He is credited as a anti-hero by the TTS wiki. His voice Is Speakonia male 3. It was revealed in Season 6 that he is Microsoft Sam's brother.


He has the same body structure as the other charachters, along with gold eyes and bacon on top of his head. However, an alternate concept exists where his body structiure is only his head, arms, and torso, but his eye color is the same along with the fact that he has bacon on his head. In addition, in earlier apperances, he is holding a firearm. This is commonly seen in Thunderbirds 101's videos. Bacon is a anti-hero.


"Bacon Bacon, Needs more bacon, everything's better with bacon, bacon bacon".

"Oh look, an error that says bacon! I am taking this error because it may contain bacon, bacon bacon. It also may taste just like bacon, bacon bacon."

  • Ah, but what Scotty does not yet know that I replaced his giant baloney sandwich with a giant strip of bacon, bacon bacon, because everybody likes bacon, bacon bacon."
  • "Oh boy, Sam has allowed me to come along! I shall now get more bacon, bacon bacon, because my life is not complete unless I get my bacon, bacon bacon."
  • "Bacon needs more bacon"
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